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ladder bracing"Ladder bracing" or "lateral bracing" runs horizontally from side to side. Unlike the X-bracing used by Martin® and other builders, the ladder bracing is what contributes to the dry, burly tone of the guitars used by the blues-men in the 1920's and 30's. (Stella Guitars are one of those essential guitars - for more information see Neil Harpe at stellaguitar.com.)

Allegheny Blues Guitars combines this bracing with modern materials and construction. All of our guitars are made of solid woods with graphite reinforcement in the necks and an adjustable truss rod. Reverse kerfing is used for added stability to the sides and a bolt-on-neck for easy neck re-sets done to correct natural ageing processes of wood and string tension.

"These guitars become the modern workhorse for the player who wants a new guitar with a vintage look and sound." (Michael Hauver)

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